The staff at CCAH takes the care of our feral feline friends and those who care for them very seriously. The treatment of these cats takes not only skill and compassion, but the ability to change how we typically care for our pet cats into a way to safely handle and care for the feral cats without putting staff, owners or the cats themselves in danger.

We will offer discounted prices for surgical altering, parasite and viral testing as well as vaccinations needed to keep these cats healthy. A few policies are in place that our hospital has adopted to insure the safety of all concerned:

  1. All cats must be presented in a secure, sturdy small cat sized crate or humane trap. It is best to drape a towel over the trap or carrier to lessen the cat’s stress.
  2. Cats must be presented SINGLY in above mentioned carrier WITHOUT any bedding (no paper, towels, blankets, etc.) so the cat is readily accessible through cage.
  3. Care giver must be able to keep cat inside in the crate where they are out of danger as the effects of sedation or full anesthesia can last up to 24 hours.
  4. These discounted services are available on Wednesdays only. Please call the office for pricing on what you require for your feral friend.

For assistance with placement of feral cats, how to safely trap a feral cat, the benefits of TNR (trap-neuter-release) versus trap and euthanize, please visit these websites: Alley Cat Allies, and